The Chicago Partnership for Church Planting exists to make Jesus visible in all neighborhoods of Chicago through collaborative church planting.

  • Our mission is to catalyze a church planting ecosystem in the city of Chicago.

  • Our strategic goal is to participate in planting 100 new churches by 2025.


We seek to accomplish our aims through three primary initiatives:

  1. Catalytic Events (aka "CPCP Presents")
    We host these gatherings of church-planters, established pastors, and ministry leaders for training and interaction on a topic relevant to planting churches in Chicago. We have found that these events not only deliver helpful content but are also crucial for developing relational networks among those committed to supporting Chicago church plants.

  2. Coaching
    We offer coaching from experienced Chicago church planters to guide new planters from the early dream stages through launch and through the first year of their new church. We also offer coaching and support to the wives of church planters through a partnership with Parakaleo.

  3. Grants and Resources
    We fund new church plants via both one-time and recurring grants, depending on need and level of alignment. And we offer many other resources, such as help with web development, media, publicity, core group gathering, neighborhood networking, etc. Church planters who believe in the purpose of CPCP and want to participate with us as their church develops are much more likely to receive financial and resourcing support.


We are a relationally driven organization that aims to know the church planters we support and be known by them. Therefore, seeking support from CPCP means building relationships with its partner churches. Church planters are encouraged to attend catalytic events, introduce yourself to CPCP board members, and fill out the CPCP informational questionnaire below. (Please review The Gospel Coalition Confessional Statement before beginning the questionnaire.) Mark Bergin, our church planter liason, will follow up with you to arrange an introductory meeting. 

Upon receiving your completed questionnaire, the CPCP board will make a preliminary determination whether we believe you to be a qualified candidate for our areas of support. If the determination is yes, we will communicate next steps within six weeks of receiving your completed questionnaire.

A final determination and specific offer of support according to the board's belief of how to best help will be made within six months of receiving your completed questionnaire.

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We provide grants for confirmed church planters. The Chicago Partnership works in concert with other funding entities providing matching grants to help with a successful launch to a new church plant. Grant applications are reviewed and approved three times a year:

Fall Deadline - September 1
(approved by November)

Spring Deadline - December 1
(approved by March)

Summer Deadline - April 1
(approved by July)

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For more info, email Mark Bergin, Director of Coaching and Planter Development, at