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Partnering with The Gospel and Our Cities Conference

October 18-20, 2018
Featuring Tim Keller
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CPCP Presents: Disciple Making in the City

We have reduced Christianity to classrooms, conferences and church services. We are surrounded by passive participants of Christianity, content to soak in information without any intent to make disciples. But the question remains: How do we turn passive participants into active disciple-makers in an ever changing urban context?

Join our next CPCP Presents and hear from Dhati Lewis and other voices in this arena.   

Dhati Lewis (Blueprint Church, Atlanta)

Dhati is the Lead Pastor at Blueprint Church in Atlanta, GA. Dhati, born and raised in California, moved to Texas for his undergraduate studies at the University of North Texas and his graduate studies at Dallas Theological Seminary (Master of Arts in Cross Cultural Ministries). While in Texas, Dhati served on staff at Denton Bible Church for 7 years. He started Plumbline, a very successful college ministry on UNT and TWU campuses. He served as the college pastor there and eventually planted a church, which he pastored for 3 years. 

During that time, he also served as chaplain to UNT’s football team and coached high school football (sports have always been a big passion for Dhati and a large part of how he came to the Lord). Dhati furthered his training in Little Rock, AR at Fellowship Associates in 2008-2009, completing a year long course designed to train pastors in the area of church planting. After completion of that course, Dhati and his family moved from AR to Atlanta, GA with dreams to start a church that was both culturally relevant and biblically accurate. Dhati, along with 25 other individuals moving from TX to GA, launched Blueprint Church in 2009.

Dhati’s passions are for church planting and discipleship. He launched The Rebuild Network in 2011 to answer the call to see more churches planted in the urban context. He currently serves as the president of The Rebuild Initiative.

Dhati is married to Angie Lewis and they have six beautiful children: Trinity, Jade, Briaiah, Dhati Jr, Brayden and Nathaniel.

Wednesday, January 31st. 9:30-12:30pm.
Painted Door (2219 W. Grand)
*Lunch will be provided

Past Events

We launched the chicago Incubator in the fall of 2017.

The mission of the Chicago Incubator is to offer high quality, gospel-centered, relational church planting training over a two-year period in order to help develop a movement of new churches that changes our city. The launch for the Incubator was in September 2017, this 2-year urban church planter training program focuses on process, relationship and reflective practice instead of merely understanding new content. Each of the 16 Incubator learning modules includes time for sharing issues, personal spiritual formation, and hands-on training that combines both theology, church planting theory and insights from adult learning theory. To be invited into an Incubator training cadre, a participant must be leading an urban church plant as well as be involved in a coaching relationship.

For more information check out chicagoincubator.net


May 17, 2017
Confronting politics

Christians that are Republican can't understand how someone can love Jesus and be committed to a political party that seems to not value life in the womb. Christians that are Democrat can't understand how someone can love Jesus and be committed to a political party that seems to not value life of the poor outside the womb. 

Is it possible to be BOTH pro-life and pro-justice? Should our allegiance to a political party be stronger than our allegiance to Christ?

How do we help our church members navigate today's political climate? How do we spark healthy conversations that grow us rather than divide us? Join our next CPCP Presents and hear from two leading voices in this arena.   

Sho Baraka (AND Campaign)

Educated at Tuskegee University and the University of North Texas, Sho studied Television/Film, Anthropology, and Public Administration. He has become an artist, philosopher, and social-thought leader in contemporary culture. He has spent nine years traveling the world as a recording artist and public speaker. He has done numerous overseas activist work, ranging from race relations in South Africa to establishing musical cohorts in Indonesia. He is a founding member of nationally known Christian hip hop group 116 Clique. Sho Baraka is also the founder of Forth District.

He now desires to blend his artistic platform with his academic leanings to contribute a unique perspective in both arenas in hopes of raising the standard, thereby raising the culture. Sho currently lives in Atlanta, GA and co-leads a consulting network that is active in cultural renewal. 

Skye Jethani (Author)

Skye Jethani is an author, speaker, consultant and ordained pastor. He also serves as the co-host of the popular Phil Vischer Podcast, a weekly show that blends astute cultural and theological insights with comical conversation. Between 2004 and 2015, Skye occupied numerous roles at Christianity Today, a leading communications ministry launched by Billy Graham. He served as both the managing and senior editor of Leadership Journal and as the Director of Mission Advancement for CT. He was also the senior producer of This Is Our City, a multi-year, multi-city project telling the stories of Christians working for the common good of their communities.